Cotton Dust Sampler

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Cotton Dust Sampler

The Tisch Environmental cotton dust sampler is used for the detection of human exposure to cotton dust.  The design of the vertical elutriator allows lighter particles to travel through the cylinder to the filter where heavier particulates will fall out.  The sample flow rate of 7.4 lpm to ensure that only the lighter particulates travel through the air stream.  Cotton dust particulates range in size from particulates that are visible to the naked eye to particulates that are submicron in size.  It is these submicron particles that the TE-4000  sampler is designed to collect.


  • Robust  vacuum pump.
  • Heavy duty tripod stand and carrying case(optional, TE-4075 and TE-4076).
  • Reliable vertical elutriator.
  • 37mm Filter cassette.

TE-4000 Cotton Dust Sampler

Cotton Dust Sampler
Flow Rate: 7.4 LPM, ± 2%
Filter Cassette: 37mm
Vertical Elutriator:  Aluminum, 6″ diameter x 28″ length
Motor:   Oil-less Pump
Power: 110volt 60hz, 220volt 50/60hz


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