Continuous Duty HiVol Air Sampler

Continuous Duty HIVOL

The continuous duty high volume air sampler is the latest addition to the Tisch Environmental catalog of high volume air samplers. Utilizing a robust regenerative blower motor, this system is designed for continuous operation with zero motor maintenance for several years. The volumetric flow controller is paired with a PLUS technology flow recorder to provide accurate and instantaneous flow rate calculations. The system also contains and internal data log for recording ambient temperature, barometric pressure, and flow rate. The system will also calculate the average, minimum and maximum flow rate, temperature and barometric pressure. The data can be saved onto a standard USB flash drive and viewed using Google sheets or Microsoft excel.


  • Maintenance Free Motor

  • USB Downloadable Data

  • Instantaneous Flow Rate Calculation

  • PLUS Technology Flow Recorder

  • Volumetric Flow Controller

  • K Type Thermocouple

  • Honeywell Barometric Pressure Sensor

  • Robust Aluminum Shelter

  • Continuous Duty Blower Motor

Available Models

Total Suspended Particulate-TSP

Continuous Duty HIVOL
Voltage 110 volt 60hz/220volt 50/60hz


Continuous duty PM10
Part Number TE-CD-PM10/TE-CD-PM10X
Voltage 110 volt 60hz/220volt 50/60hz


Continuous duty PM10
Part Number TE-CD-PM2.5/TE-CD-PM2.5X
Voltage 110 volt 60hz/220volt 50/60hz


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