Annual Calibrator Recertification

The US EPA recommends annual re certification of orifices used for the calibration of high volume particulate monitors. Let our staff of highly trained calibration specialists recertify your calibration orifice in our NIST traceable calibration lab. Our same day or next day turnaround time will keep your calibration equipment up-to-date with minimal down time. For a price quote or re-certification contact our dedicated calibration department at


Questions about Calibration?

The , requires that calibration orifices be re-certified on an annual basis. However, if the orifice is damaged or modified it should be re-certified immediately.
To ensure accurate sampling results, the US EPA recommends annual re-certification of calibration orifices. Maintaining a regularly scheduled re-certification schedule will ensure that your calibration equipment is US EPA compliant.

PM10 and TSP orifices $259usd
PUF Sampler orifices $315usd

Tisch Environmental’s NIST traceable certification lab has a typical turn around time of 1-2 days. If you need it quicker, simply let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.
You can contact Tisch Environmental via telephone, email, or by completing the online form on this page.
Please send your orifice to the following address:

Tisch Environmental Inc
Attention: Recals
145 South Miami Ave
Cleves, OH 45002 U.S.A.

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