ZA-737-250, Zero Air Generator 250lpm


The ZA-737-250 High Volume ZAG stands alone not only in capacity but also in performance and consistency. Our high volume series of zero air generators are used worldwide in a multitude of applications from supplying a large bank of analyzers to purging room-sized environmental chambers. Universities and agencies all over the world depend on the ZA-737-250 to permanently replace their use of cumbersome and costly air bottles. Depending if your facility requires a large volume of air daily, the ZA-737-250 could pay itself off in as little as 3-6 months.

Operating the ZA-737-250 is simple and straight forward. The solid construction and touchscreen control panel make this generator easy, if not the easiest to use on the market! Even though this unit is of much greater capacity, all of the Tisch Environmental Ultra High Purity Zero Air Generators utilize the same 2 step process:

Process 1:

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) uses dual chambers and molecular sieve to dry and clean water and contaminants from the pressurized air (CO2 removal optional: 747-3O-C1).

Process 2:

The dry/clean air then moves to a heated catalyzer bed (Methane Reactor) that removes CH4 and any remaining contaminants. This Methane Reactor is a captivated oven filled with a precious metal catalyst that will convert CH4 back into trace amounts of CO2 and moisture

Features and Benefits

Increased Detector Performance:

With the reduction of Hydrocarbons and CH4 to <0.005 ppm the ZA Series of Instruments will decrease background noise levels and give baseline stability. This will dramatically increase detector sensitivity and ensure precise analytical data.

Streamline Lab Efficiency:

Equipping your lab with an uninterrupted supply of high quality zero air will eliminate any delays or loss of time due to switching out cylinders.

Cost Savings:

The 737-15 instruments only require a power connection and a source of oil free dry air.  The initial investment will be recovered within 6 months to a year.



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