Acid Precipitation Sampler

The TE-78-100 is an Atmospheric Precipitation Sampler or Acid Precipitation Sampler(APS).  The system is designed to collect both total precipitation and total particulate deposition for later laboratory analysis of pH, conductivity and speciation.  The APS is constructed of heavy gage powder coated aluminum with two 3.5 gallon collection buckets.  The buckets share a common gabled roof cover that moves between buckets during the wet/dry periods.

The TE-78-100 collects precipitation in two buckets; one container is for collection during precipitation and the second container collects dry particulate matter.  A rain sensor detects precipitation and activates the gabled roof mechanism to transfer the cover from the wet bucket to the dry bucket.


Collector Size: 3.5 Gallons (2x)
Dimensions: 40″ L X 21″W x 50″H
Weight: 127 lbs
Material: Heavy Gauge Powder Coated Aluminum
Power: 110 volt 60 hz, 220 volt 50 hz, 220 volt 60 hz


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