Passive Air Samplers

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Passive Air Samplers

Tisch Environmental offers a full line of indoor and outdoor passive air samplers.  Passive air samplers are used for the collection of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in ambient air.  These instruments can be deployed quickly, easily, and in any location.  They do not require electricity and are maintenance free and require very little interaction from the user.

Passive air samplers house a polyurethane foam disk (PUF) which is uniformly porous to allow gaseous chemicals to penetrate.  The samplers with the polyurethane foam plugs are deployed and collect the POPs in ambient air.  The PUF disks are later removed from the device and transported to a lab for further analysis.


  • Easy To Install.
  • Robust design to withstand harsh environments.
  • Passive design does not require electricity.

Available Models

Outdoor Passive Air Sampler

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Indoor Passive Air Sampler

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Direct Deposition Passive Air Sampler

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Sampling Media

5.5″ Diameter x 0.5″ thick, Polyurethane Foam Collection Substrates

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