Viable Andersen Cascade Impactors

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Ambient Viable Andersen Cascade Impactors

Tisch Environmental ambient viable andersen cascade impactors are used for the collection of airborne aerosols containing bacteria or fungi.  These devices come in six stage (TE-10-800), two stage (TE-10-860), or single stage (TE-10-890) variations with an available pump for sampling at 28.3lpm.   These ambient viable impactors are precision-machined out of high-quality aluminum plates with successively smaller diameter holes.  As the ambient air cascades through the different stages, the corresponding particulates impact on the stage as the smaller particulates continue to travel through the stages until they are entrapped on the corresponding plate.  These viable bacterial particulates are then incubated and then counted or identified.  They can then be recorded and related to where they may be deposited on the human lung.


  • High Sample Flow Rate of 28.3 ALPM
  • Size seperation from >9µm to <0.3µm.
  • Optional volumetric flow controlled vacuum system.
  • Corrosion resistant alloy aluminum with silicone seals.
  • Time proven virtual elimination of particle bounce and re-entrapment.
  • Highest proven collection efficiency, reproducibility and accuracy.
  • Incorporates U.S. Federal standards for the “Ideal Cascade Impactor” and meets OSHA, EPA and ACGIH design requirements for respirable/non respirable fraction.

Aerodynamic sizing and distribution of ambient particulate with unprecedented precision…..cost….and ease of operation.

6 Stage Viable Andersen Cascade Impactors


Viable Cascade Impactor
Description: 6 Stage Viable Impactor Sampling System
Flow Rate: 28.3 alpm
Particle Size: 0.85 to 10µm and above
Pump: 110 volt ac or 220 volt ac
Carrying Case: Heavy Duty, Watertight, Custom Foam Insert
System Includes 6 Stage Impactor with sili