ZA30, Advanced Air Catalyst

Advanced Catalyst

The ZA30 Advanced catalyst series of air generators produce an ultra high-quality Zero air that is hydrocarbon and CH4 free.  The input uses a source of standard oil-free compressed air.  The ZA series of zero air generators will eliminate the need to use traditional bottles that are often cumbersome and can become a challenge to change out within the laboratory environment.  The ZA30 Advanced Catalyst comes in a well designed, safe, and insulated rack-mountable casing for a no worries installation.  This complete turnkey system is engineered with the highest quality components and is easy to install and maintain.

Features and Benefits

Increased Detector Performance:

With the reduction of Hydrocarbons and CH4 to <0.005 ppm the ZA Series of Instruments will decrease background noise levels and give baseline stability. This will dramatically increase detector sensitivity and ensure precise analytical data.

Streamline Lab Efficiency:

Equipping your lab with an uninterrupted supply of high quality zero air will eliminate any delays or loss of time due to switching out cylinders.

Cost Savings:

The ZA Series of  instruments only require a power connection and a source of oil free dry air.  The initial investment will be recovered within 6 months to a year.

Safe Operation:

The ZA series of instruments are enclosed inside a cooled and insulated rack mountable case.  This eliminates teh worry of having a high heat source indoors and protects the end user from any harm associated with a high heat catalyst.

Easy Installation:

The ZA30 can be rack mounted or placed on a bench(rubber feet included) for installation in close proximity to your instruments.



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