PM2.5 High Volume Air Sampler

What is a PM2.5 high volume air sampler?

The Tisch Environmental PM2.5 high volume air sampler is a non-Federal Reference Method sampler for the collection of particulate matter that is 2.5µm or less.  Its primary uses is for non regulatory sampling and institutional studies.  The PM2.5 size selective inlet is made up of 40 stainless steel nozzles that allow only 2.5µm particulates to get deposited on the filter.  PM2.5 particulates are particularly hazardous to your health as they can work their way into your lungs during respiration and can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

How does a PM2.5 sampler work?

The PM2.5 high volume air sampler collects particulates at a flow rate between 36-60 cfm through a PM2.5 size selective inlet.  As the particulates travel through the  size selective inlet the larger  particulates are trapped inside of the inlet as the smaller  PM2.5 particulates continue to travel through the PM2.5 inlet and are collected on the 8″ x 10″ quartz filter paper.  This quartz filter is weighed previously to sampling and after the sampling to determine the mass of particulates that are smaller than 2.5 microns.  The flow rate on this instrument is controlled by either a mass flow controller, a volumetric flow controller or the Tisch Environmental PLUS technology electronic flow controller.  Tisch Environmental offers a wide range of PM2.5 samplers with several different options to fit every custom sampling installation.

Available Models

Mass flow Controlled or MFC PM2.5 particulate samplers use a hot wire anemometer probe to control the flow rate.  The hot wire anemometer probe is inserted into the flow stream and automatically adjusts  the motor speed as the filter begins to collect particulate.  These systems are available with either a 7 day mechanical timer or a US EPA recommended digital timer to ensure accurate sampling results.  Motor options include your choice of a brush style motor or a brushless style motor.  Please review the chart below to view our extensive offering of mass flow controlled PM10 high volume air samplers.

Model No. Timer Motor Power Documents
TE-6070-2.5-HVS Mechanical Brush 110volt 60hz
TE-6070X-2.5-HVS Mechanical Brush 220volt 50hz