Lid Assembly Instructions

Lid assembly instructions for all TSP high volume air samplers and Polyurethane Foam (PUF) semi-volatile organic compound high volume air samplers.

Convert TE-6070V to VFC+ Technology System

Instructions for converting a standard TE-6070V Volumtric flow controlled PM10 high volume air sampler to a VFCPLUS PM10 High Volume air sampler.  Download PDF instructions here.

Brush Change Instructions

Instructions for replacing motor brushes on high volume air samplers


Introducing the TE-WILBUR US EPA Federal Reference Method PM2.5 and PM10 sampler.

Converting a PM10 System to PM2.5 System

Instructions for converting a PM10 high volume air sampler into a PM2.5 high volume air sampler.

Continuous Duty High Volume Air Sampler

Assembly instructions for the continuous duty high volume air sampler.