Technical Bulletin 001

Affected systems: All TE-Wilbur samplers running V3.50 of the PLC software are affected by this technical update.
Technical Issue: When configuring a 1 in 3, 1 in 6 or 1 in12 day sample schedule, the sample schedule will stop inadvertently at the end of the month due to a technical issue with the PLC software version 3.5. This logic was put into place to cancel the sample if the user would change the date in the future while a sample was programmed to run a scheduled sample. The logic was flawed and will stop the sample if the current day of the month is less than the next scheduled sample date.
Technical Fix: Version 3.51 of the PLC software corrects this issue

Update Procedure

Obtain version 3.51 of the TE-Wilbur PLC software from our website or email Tisch environmental for the updated software version.   This procedure will take 2-3 minutes

1. The update file is called ‘wilburplc.zld’.
2. Place this file on the root of a USB stick
3. Place the USB stick in the sampler. When the pop-up screen appears to download the run summary data, close this window.
4. From the main menu of the sampler, goto <Maintenance Menu> <More Maintenance> <Update Firmware from USB>
5. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to continue, press <Yes Continue>
6. Another pop-up will appear asking which program to update. Press <Download PLC Program from USB>
7. The system will then update the firmware and a pop-up will display stating ‘The following function completed: Download PLC Program’.
8. Press the grey ‘Ack’ button.
9. Remove the USB stick from the sampler.
10. The system will restart and the new PLC version will be applied.

To check the current software version:

1. Goto <Maintenance Menu> <System Information>
2. The current PLC version is displayed in the lower left and should read 3.51.




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