Wind Directional TSP Sampler

Wind Directional TSP

About wind sector sampling….

Sampling for Total Suspended Particulates by wind direction results in the acquisition of data that is unattainable during a standard 24 hour TSP sampling event.  The ability to trigger the sampler when a programmed wind  direction is achieved allows this sampler to be installed down wind from a know particulate source.   This allows for the collection of data only when the particulate is drifting towards the sampler.    This sampler is ideally suited for collection dust from constructions sites, particulates from power plants, fence line installations, sea breeze, and other installations down wind from a known particulate emitting source.  The wind trigger device is mounted to a standard TSP sampler and can be ordered as a complete TSP sampler or as  a retro fit to an existing system.

System Options

  • Brush or Brushless Motor

  • Mechanical or Digital Timer

  • 110 volt or 220 volt

  • Mass Flow or Volumetric Flow Controlled

  • Wind Speed, Wind direction, Precipitation, rh

Standard Features

  • Anodized Aluminum Shelter

  • RM Young Wind Tracker

  • 24 Hour Dickson Chart Recorder

  • Elapsed Time Indicator

  • 1 Year Warranty

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