TE-HVPLUS-BL, High Vol Plus TSP high volume Lead Sampler and high volume air sampler

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high volume air sampler
Tsp high volume air samplerSample Saver
high vol air sampler
Self Calibrator
high volume lead sampler
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This instrument is recommened by the EPA for measuring air quality standards. Reference Document 40 CRF Part 50 Appendix B. Click below to see why.
1) Use of Continuous Flow
2) Filter covered during nonsampling
3) Flow record and elapsed time
4) Automatically controls flow rate
5) Records total flow
6) Data logs flow, barometric pressure and ambient temp.
7) Auto-calibration of sampler

The Tisch family was instrumental in the design of the first TSP high volume lead sampler in 1954 and has been a pioneer in the air sampling industry ever since. With 55 years of experience and expertise Tisch Environmental has developed the most accurate and user friendly high volume air sampler available today.

The HI-VOL+ eliminates the need for lengthy calculations during calibration by offering an auto calibration features which requires the user to simply input the calibration factors and the system does the rest. The user must select a flow rate and the unit uses the temperature and barometric pressure to maintain that flow rate with greater than 99% accuracy. The HI-VOL+ also uses a digital timer which allows the user to set their sampling schedule only once and the system will repeat sampling events as frequently as required. The system has several data logs including and interval log, timer log, power log, and calibration log. The data interval feature logs temperature, barometric pressure, and flow rate every 5 minutes eliminating the need for a chart recorder. The timer log shows each scheduled event and records avg, min, and max temperature, epa standard flow rate, ambient flow rate, and barometric pressure.

The HI-VOL+ also utilizes an USB drive for data transfer and system updates without the need of a laptop being brought into the field. All data logs are stored in a .csv file format which allows the file to be viewed on most spreadsheet programs including MS excel and spreadsheet. The HI-VOL+ is a low maintenance system which eliminates the need to replace consumable goods typical with other TSP samplers.

Key Features :
  • Automatic self calibration using standard calibration orifice for easy, quick and accurate calibrations requiring minimal user interaction.
  • Greater than 99% flow rate accuracy.
  • Microprocessor based system which instantaneously controls flow adjusting for user selectable ambient or EPA standard conditions.
  • Continuous data logging including avg, min, max temperature, barometric pressure, flow rate, and total flow.
  • Interval log which records temperature, flow rate, and barometric pressure every 5 minutes to monitor sampling conditions at all times eliminating the need for a chart recorder.
  • Digital timer with auto repeat function which supports 1 in 1, 1 in 3, 1 in 6, 1 in 7 and custom sampling schedules.
  • All units include a standard USB drive to retrieve data and update firmware without the need of bringing a laptop into the field.
  • All data is stored in a .csv file format which can be viewed using most spreadsheet applications (ms excel, spreadsheet). Click here for sample.
  • Multiple resettable elapsed time indicators to track motor life, calibration frequency, and user based events.
  • Alert status indicator will notify user of critical points for brush changes, calibration, or user required events.
  • Available with an EPA recommended sample saver to eliminate particles from settling on the filter during idle periods.
  • Available in both brushless motor and brush type motor models.
  • Compliant with EPA 40 CFR 50, Appendix B